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10 inch, Hybrid Mattress

10 inch, Hybrid Mattress

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The MD 10 inch, hybrid mattress delivers the combination of pocketed coils and Gel enhanced memory specialty foam and gives the the most optimal sleep technology and comfort available in today's marketplace.

One half inch of 3 pound Gel Visco memory foam provides a solid sleep surface that conforms to your body and provides a great night's sleep. THIS IS A FIRM MATTRESS

The addition of the pocketed coils surrounding the perimeter of the memory foam provides a flexible support system to better improve your night's sleep.

Purchase one of our Mattress Protectors to get 10 years additional coverage on your Mattress for:

1. Stains from any food or beverage normally consumed by humans
2. Human or pet bodily fluids stains
3. Mold or mildew
4. Rips, tears, or cigarette burns

This mattress is compatible with any adjustable bed 

FREE SHIPPING.  Arrives in a box.  Just open the carton, unroll the mattress and it will be ready to sleep on in just a few hours

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